Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Date with John!

On Friday evening, John and I met at Mohican Adventures for a date-night! It's a convenient 30 minute drive from Mount Vernon and on my way home from work. The weather was comfortable - lower 80's I think. After a busy work week, taking time to have fun is great!
John is a good consistent golfer (and very handsome too!). He was ahead of me most of the game. I would barely catch up just to have him pass me once again. It was a bit perturbing to see how he so exactly could aim for the right place and usually hit is mark!
Though I'm also and engineer and should be just as exacting, I tend to be a pit more impetuous. Thankfully, I also had a bit of luck and ended up with two holes in one! We took this picture after the first one. I posed with one thumb up just like Grandma and little Elijah did in Arkansas when he was about 1 or 2 and they both got a hole in one on the same hole!
Well, it ended up that I got my second hole in one on the very last hole! That hole in one tied our scores so we ended the game with a tie! As we're tied in marriage, we figured that was perfect!

The golf was fun, the weather was perfect and the company was great! We capped off our evening with a great dinner at a local pizza place. Going on dates with your spouse is awesome!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Makes us Tick?

Get Rich Slowly, one of the financial blogs that I have been enjoying, had a post today linking to this humorous video about the stock market. John and I enjoyed watching it and I hope you do too.