Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pregnancy Update!

All is going well right now with me and the baby. As you can see, this baby must have been doing a lot of growing in the last month or so! I'm suddenly to the point where random strangers in stores are asking me when my baby is due :)

I'm officially in my third trimester already. It's really amazing to think that in 12 weeks, we could be holding our own baby in our hands. What a change that will be! Right now our baby is making him/herself known through plenty of kicking, flipping and punching, but soon we'll be hearing, smelling and seeing our baby!

In life news, I will officially be changing my job from full time design engineer to full time home engineer :) December 11th is my last day at work. I'm looking forward to having time to prepare our home and life for a baby. So far, we really haven't done a lot to get ready. I'll also be getting ready for having my family visit for Christmas. We didn't want to travel this year and are so excited that my family is going to be able to come to see us!

John and I have also had some fun in the last month looking at houses. We're renting right now, but are keeping our eyes open for a good house to buy at some point. It's been fun to see some houses and start to mentally clarify what's most important to us about such a huge purchase.

Life and time are quickly passing. Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? We're going to visit John's family over Thanksgiving and just can't wait!