Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Faces

Hello everyone!

This last weekend my wife and I spent the weekend with her brother's family. Their youngest child, less than a month of completing the first year of life, is quite an attraction. I enjoyed the first real opportunity to use my new Canon 40d to photograph a stunning subject other than my wife :)

So, here are a few pics below. They were taken in a very short period of time. Enjoy....

The mind of a one-year old in pictures.

Hi up there, it is hard to look at you. It is kind of bright out here.

Oh!! That is soooo sad! It is sooo terrible!!!

Hey you all! A major, and I mean major crisis is going on here! Are you even noticing?! Come here! Pay attention to me!! I have something to tell all of you!!!

I am not getting the attention I deserve. Oh well! I guess I am a bit tired, after all.

But hey! What is this? Something interesting is going on here! I must see what it is!

Hmm. That is really interesting.

So that is how that works!

I'll observe that one more time! I am watching closely!

Ahh! I got it! Now, I'll download this memory to my permanent hard-drive of memories. This knowledge might be important for a future occasion.