Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5K and Science - A Contest with a Prize!

I am actually going to run a 5K this Saturday! I have been encouraged to do so by Rob and my sister-in-law Michele for a while now, but have resisted the idea. I didn't want to do it unless someone I knew would run it too. Anyway, Luke and Michele and their kids are coming here for Thanksgiving. They decided to get here early and told me they were going to run the Turkey Burner here in Montgomery this Saturday. Since they are running in it, both me and my sister Jubilee are going to run with them. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Let me switch subjects now. In September, I was looking at my AWANA stuff and couldn't find my Science and the Bible volume 2 book. Deciding that I didn't want to tear apart my room to find it, I just ordered another copy. Well, as I thought would happen, as soon as it came, I found my copy safely hidden in some of my science experiment stuff.

I just had this crazy idea! So here's my proposal. I will give or mail the book to the person who correctly guesses closest to the time that I will run the 5k. You can't just tell me your guess, but have to post it in the comments before 6AM on Saturday morning. You can't guess the exact time that someone else has already guessed.

In order to give you some idea of times, this morning I ran for the first time in a week and did 2.8 miles in 26.5 minutes. Now, I didn't run my hardest, but I don't really know how fast my hardest is. Maybe in a race, I will run too fast and then slow way down at the end. I've never been in a race before. Now for those of you who might not know, 5k is 3.1 miles. So if I run exactly the same pace I ran this morning, my 3.1 mile time will be 29.3 minutes. Now, a few months ago, I ran 2.8 miles in 24 minutes which given the same pace gives 26.6 minutes for a 3.1 mile run.

So who knows? I don't really think I'm as fast as I was a few months ago. I have no idea how fast I really run. All of my distances are based on google's distance measurements on google maps. Those might be off for this area.
So, if you're interested in this contest, post your guess as a comment. I'll let you know how it goes!


Luke said...

Can two people from the same household guess? :)
Luke guesses 25.8 minutes
Michele guessess 27.2 minutes
See you soon!

Elijah Lofgren said...

I guess 28 minutes. :)

I hope it goes well. :)

Love ya,


Rob said...

24 minutes 31 seconds

Anonymous said...

Hello! I hope you all have fun on Saturday! Michele told me all about it! :)

My guess is 24.5 minutes
Josh's guess is 30.4 minutes
Lily's guess is 60 minutes ( She's very generous with her guess! She's only 4...) :)

We'll be praying for you all!

God Bless,
~~Jennifer from PA

Luke said...

Alex thinks 20 minutes and Zach thinks 18 minutes.
You're Aunt Mimi...you can do anything!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I guess 25.5 minutes.

Have fun,
Miriam H.

Miriam said...

Thanks to all who are guessing! I'm glad to hear that there are some (like Alex and Zack) who think I can do anything as well as those who give me grace (like Josh and Lily!). I think contests are fun. My siblings can attest that we often would guess what time someone would arrive or when we would get someone just to see who guessed the closest.

I ran again this morning and my 2.8 miles took me 25.5 minutes which would give me a 29.1 minute 5K. I do hope to be faster on Saturday - but you never know! I would be thrilled to be in the 25-27 minute range, but it might not happen this time.

Anna Naomi said...

26.0 minutes. =) Can't wait to watch and see how you all do.

Luke said...

Danielle guesses 25 minutes. :)
Nate guesses 20 minutes.

Trisha said...

Good luck Miriam. Hope it goes well. I guess 28 minutes 17 seconds!! Rob's rubbing off on me! Have a great time!