Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Snow

Having been in Ohio for a few months now, I've seen more than in my entire 14 years in Alabama - no, make that more than my 28 years in Alabama, Arkansas and Africa! That may be a slight overstatement, but not by much! I'm sure by the end of winter here, it will be genuine fact!
This afternoon as I drove home from work, we had what I'll term fun snow. It just started and has not done too much yet as you can see from the picture. The weather is not too cold (ONLY 28ยบ) so the snow is still melting on one's windshield. The snow is beautiful as is slowly comes down. It's not coming too fast and doesn't interfere with driving. So, to me it is fun to watch as you drive.

I'm home early as we're soon leaving for Illinois. Both Lisa and Anita (John's sisters) are graduating on Saturday so we're using that as an excuse to visit. I'm looking forward to the trip! The snow seems somewhat localized. I think it will stop once we get past Cincinnati. We shall see. . .

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Trisha said...

Now you see why the girls and I miss the snow of Colorado, although I would have used the term "romanitc snow." Not so much as a "love" romance, but more of a magical, excitement that gives you warm fuzzies inside - the kind that all the Christmas songs make you long for and dream about.... I'm dreaming of a White Christmas,just like the ones I used to know.... Well, I've only seen that ONCE so far here in my 4+ years in Alabama... Abi prayed for FUN SNOW last night -- we almost got a little. We love and miss you both. See you soon!