Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Boy

Thomas is really a busy guy these days.  At 10 1/2 months, he moves really fast - pulling up on all the furiture and any willing (or just still) person he can find.
 He loves his "DA" as he calls John.  They have a lot of fun doing horsy rides, train rides, airplane rides and countless other things that make Thomas laugh. 
I continue to have a blast playing with Thomas and watching him grow in his abilities an understanding.  He is quite a fun little guy and loves to be involved in anything I am doing! I've been working part time from home for the last couple months during his naps, so time has really been flying by.

He is getting quite confident on his feet, but will still tumble down several times a day.  We're wondering how long it will be until he's able to walk alone.

Thomas plays hard, but when he's tired, he loves to be held!

I had a lot of fun watching John take these pictures.  John would run to one end of the hall, call Thomas then snap a couple pictures as fast as Thomas raced toward him.  Then off John would go to the other end of the hall and start taking pictures again!  I love all the different expressions Thomas has in these pictures!


Anna Naomi said...

He look so big! Can't wait to see him in just over a week!

Elijah said...

Thanks for sharing these! I look forward to seeing him soon!

Chelsea and Laura said...

Awww, he is getting so big!! I love all of his smiles--so precious. :)