Thursday, December 6, 2007

Engineering Jokes

Inventory is now over (at least all but a little more paperwork!). It went very well. We were able to finish up on Friday - just barely! Connie and I actually left the shop just after midnight on Friday night. But we accomplished the goal of completing all required transactions so we would not have to come back on Saturday. Both of us planned to go out of town so didn't want to be stuck not going because of work.

As has become usual in the last month, I don't have much time to post (reality is I don't take the time to do this - I chose to spend my time in other ways. I have to remind myself that I must take personal responsibility for my actions - we each have many choices in this life.)

But anyways, I wanted to take a minute to share a couple engineering jokes that I liked. They are from Machine Design magazine.

If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research!

Research is the act of going up alleys to see if they are blind.

To err human, to forgive is divine, but to check - that's engineering!

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Lydia said...

Cool quote!
I'm glad that inventory over for the most part! It is crazy to think that in a week I will be taking my last final and leaving for N. Carolina for the Wilderness First Responder course. Today, I did my second-to-last assignment. After I write one more paper, all that's left is to study for finals! It has been busy here too and I don't post or read blogs as much as I want to, but, I decided to stop by your blog today. I hope you have a good day and a good weekend!
Love, Lydia