Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sleep and Waking

Posting about sleep is maybe a sign that you ought do get more of it! I just thought I post my funny story of the day. It may only be funny to me, but hopefully it puts a smile on your face.

I woke at 5:30 to my alarm and the first thoughts through my mind went like this:

"I'm too tired to go running"
"Maybe I'll hit snooze three times and get up at six"

. . . I hit snooze . . .

"I wonder why the lights are on in the house"
"Why would Mrs. Alma be awake at 5:30?"

"Is it possible that I really slept all night and am this tired"

. . . slowly sanity comes back upon me . . .

"Wait a second, I think I set my alarm for 5:30pm. It's not morning! I'm supposed to go to the evening service at church".

It was quite a releaf to realize that it was not yet morning, simply time to go to church. My hour nap was over - not the entire night! The good news is that I still have an entire nights sleep before the work week begins!


PoetLady said...

I've done that. Woken up after a VERY RARE nap and thought, "Oh, no, is it time to take James to school? etc" then I look at my watch and try to figure out if it's that early or?!

Recently I mistakenly set my alarm for 6:26PM instead of AM and woke up ALMOST too late to get James to school on time. I was SO panicked..I woke up at the time we had to LEAVE but somehow we made it!


Luke said...

I have done this, too! It seems to be happening more recently....

Looking forward to seeing you soon!