Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Article on Work!

There have been times in my life that I worked a lot more than a 40 hour work week. At those times in life, I was in the middle of a new position and didn't have a whole lot that I wanted to do outside of work. As I enjoyed what I did, I didn't mind putting in the extra time.

But. . . times change, and for the last couple years, I've been more balanced in life. I've spent a lot more time with people and in volunteering in various activities. This article "Margin or Life Balance - Or what $3 gets you" is great at showing that a balanced life that isn't just caught up in work is really worth it.

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Carla Benson said...

Miriam, I have been enjoying getting to re-know you through your blogs. This was a great article and very timely. As someone who is working a cycle of twelve days on and two days off it reminds me of exactly what I have been feeling lately. "Is it really worth it?" Changes are in progress but all things take time. Thanks!