Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had fun shopping with Tammy and Anna last night. They both love to shop and were kind enough to come with me. I don't usually like to shop, but was in the mood to make some decisions. Though most of our efforts centered on looking at wedding dresses, what I finally purchased was not my dress, but the material for my bridesmaids and flower girls! I wanted a purple-ish color but didn't know exactly what and we found an awesome plum that was perfect.

There was just enough in stock for both the two flowergirl dresses (my nieces Sara and Lisa Beth) and all three bridesmaid dresses (sister Lydia, and friends Tamra and Ivory). It's great to finally have made a final decision about the color since that will determine a lot of things!

There is not enough time to blog all I want to these days! But I hope to update again soon!


Anna Naomi said...

It was fun going with you last night! Oh - and to clarify: though I like shopping better now then I did before, I wouldn't say I love shopping. =) I really enjoy shopping for wedding dresses and/or cloth, though! It was fun looking a different things with you, and I'm glad we found stuff for the bridesmaids and flower girls. It will be fun to sew them up!

Oh - and I ordered the dressmaking form today, so it should get here in the next week.

Victoria said...

It looks absolutely beautiful and the pattern looks perfect !

Yours will be a beautiful wedding.

Love, Mom

Ivory said...

Love the colors and style!

Lisa said...

The plum color is beautiful.

Elijah Lofgren said...

Very nice color! :)

Teresa said...

The color you chose is beautiful. I personally am a fan of purple and this color (of royalty) is a grand choice. Now I will continue praying for the wedding dress. (A necessity as I recall)