Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our First Ohio Visitors

My sister Lydia surprised me last week by calling to let me know she was thinking of taking a road trip to Ohio with some of her camp friends. Lydia was supposed to have made it home from Georgia to Alabama by then, but due to car problems was stuck in Georgia. Her friends were coming to Ohio just for two nights and would then head back home. To make a spontaneous decision is not very Lydia-like as she does a very good job at thinking things through (I'm often very much the same way). But due to the encouragement of everyone around her - me included! - she decided to be crazy and take an extended route from Alabama to Georgia by going through Ohio first!
It was great to see Lydia again and to meet her friends. I got to make dinner for our first guests here in Ohio. John got to show off his Peru pictures as we told stories. And all us girls were able to enjoy tickling Lydia! The family I'm staying with up here was awesome and let Lydia and her friends stay there that night. So, I was able to learn a lot more about the camp Lydia was at as just catch up on sister talk and stay up late together! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that Rhonda made for all of us and then had to say goodbye once again. I'm so thankful to have a sister crazy enough to be willing to sit in a car for 20 hours in order to visit! I hope that visit will be the first of many to occur. If any of you reading this blog are driving through Ohio, give me a call!


Luke and Michele said...

How fun! What a wonderful surprise for you. We're hoping to be up that way by the end of September, LORD willing everything goes well with our house selling!

Anonymous said...

Where do you live in Ohio? I live in Kentucky, but just south of Cincinnati..... Just wondered if you live close.

~Allie in KY~

Miriam said...

Michele - Oh it will be so awesome to have you all close by! I'm praying that your house will sell without any problems!

Allie - I live in Mount Vernon, OH - it's about an hour north east of Columbus, so about 3 hours from Cincinnati.

Lydia said...

It was such a great time in Ohio! Thank you so much for having all of us! It was fun to catch up and to see where you are living! Praise God for good times!