Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures and the Passage of Time

Isn't is amazing how a child changes over the years! I've been busy scanning childhood photos of John and I in order to make a slideshow that we will show during our wedding. It's fun to look back at the pictures and see expressions that you still have. I also tend to look at the photos and wonder how that could possibly be me. I don't remember many of the events we have pictures of although I do remember my dolls and stuffed animals! Looking at the pictures also reminds me of how quickly kids will grow up. Time really does pass quickly.

I've been up here in Ohio for over a month and am just over a week away from driving back down to Alabama. Then John will fly down here a week later and just a couple days later we'll be married! I can't wait!

We've had fun up here in Ohio. I've been cooking and organizing and just goofing off during the days and enjoying time with John in the evenings.

Rhonda, the lady I'm staying with, wants to start running so we've started the couch-to-5k plan again and ran the schedule for the 5th time this morning. It's been fun to run and walk with Rhonda and Taylyn. Spending the first part of the day outside with friends makes me think of all the good mornings spent with Pam and Scot walking around the block. I've been teaching her daugher many of the games I enjoy and she's shared some games, movies and shows that she likes. It's been a lot of fun - what a blessing to be able to live with such a nice family. They are planning to come down for the wedding so many of you will be able to meet them then!
Well, I'm going to get back to the pictures. I'm just about to begin the slideshow!


Trisha said...

Hey Miriam! I'm so excited for you! Things are sure getting close! Thanks for the pics of you and John and friends. The expression you have on your face reminds me of Grayson for some reason. Can't wait to see you and John soon!

PoetLady said...

I assume the last photo is the people who you are living with? What are they doing?


Miriam said...

Trisha - I can see Grayson in that face too!

Maria - yes that is Rhonda and Taylyn. We're playing a game called corn hole - it's a lot of fun!