Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I Love about my Husband!

I hope you enjoyed reading John's post describing what a wife looks like. He made many good points in his kind post. I would like to touch upon some of the things he brought up and close with a list of things I love about my husband.

Having a husband like John is something that I do wish for all my unmarried friends and sisters. John is much more than another handsome guy (though he is that!). He more than fit the basic requirements for a potential husband: a growing Christian, one who enjoys people and children, a hard worker, and one who can lead me.

He also has a depth of care for me that touches me deep inside. At times I feel so unworthy of his love and don't know how I can possibly love him enough in return.

I think John was right in his post about how a wife perceives herself. Her husband does indeed have a huge impact on her perception. I have been blessed with a husband who not only understands this, but who is quick to compliment me. He lets me know that he likes how I look and more importantly how he perceives my heart. His acceptance and delight in who I am definitely has a positive impact on how I see myself.

I don't feel that I am as good at communicating the depth of my love to John. I have trouble putting my love into words without tearing up and crying. I don't like emotions and have worked all my life to keep my emotions in check. So if I start to cry, I am apt to discount my emotions or tell John that he's going to have to ignore me for a bit so I can get over it. He is so understanding and holds me and tells me that he loves me and is glad that I'm his wife. Before we married, he read that wives will cry sometimes and so is simply accepting of my weaknesses. He will laugh along with me and even tears up himself if I cry.

I hope that as time continues to pass in our marriage that I will get better at expressing my love to John in words. That's not my natural "love language" to use in showing someone how I care for them. I think I tend more to like to be with someone or do something for someone. For example - I like to make lunches, ensure dinner is on the table, wash the clothes or do other chores for John because of my love for him. But I want to learn to express love the way that John hears it best (one of which I think might be in words of affirmation).

I have so enjoyed sharing my life with my husband John. We spend many hours of our days separately at work, but enjoy spending our evenings and weekends together eating dinner, enjoying the outside, working on taxes, having guests for dinner, going to church, spending time with friends, traveling somewhere to visit friends or families, or just spending time with each other. John is very easy-going and willing to drop his plans to enjoy the outside or go somewhere with me. As I have a tendency to get very focused on whatever task I have decided must be done, his fun-loving side helps me to find my own!

This post is somewhat rambling, but I will finish with my own list which contain just a few of the many things I love about my husband!

In John I see one who:
1) Loves Christ
2) Is growing in Christ
3) Is dedicated to a church that believes the Bible
4) Loves children
5) Has a good sense of humor
6) Is responsible
7) Treasures me
8) Can lead me
9) Enjoys some of the things I enjoy and is more than happy for me to pursue things that he might not even totally enjoy (like riding roller coasters)
10) Has goals in life that I want to spend my life supporting
11) I can laugh with
12) Likes to talk (especially good for me since sometimes I a bit too quiet)
13) Takes good pictures (great for scrapbooking or as memories)
14) Can be serious about important matters
15) Works hard
16) Loves his family
17) Enjoys helping people
18) Likes to be around friends
19) Is willing to save and be fiscally responsible
20) Loves me!

I am so very thankful for my wonderful husband!


Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for sharing this!

PoetLady said...

I'm glad he is so good for you, that God gave you the best man for you.

I'm so happy for you both!:)

Your oldest sister,

Luke and Michele said...

Very sweet Miriam! Nate enjoyed seeing his picture! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice, Miriam! Haha! I didn't always think he was easy going. I will have to observe him some more.

Trisha said...

Thanks for sharing, Miriam and John. So glad to see how the Lord is developing your marriage and relationship. By the way, although the world might tell us differently, crying is NOT a weakness. NOR is it a strength. It's a method of expressing our emotions. It's just easier or more embarassing for different people. ;-) Allow the Lord to let you "feel" -- it's safe to do so in God's and John's arms- no better place in this world than in the arms of the two who love you the most! Cry your heart out!

Love you tons!

Miriam said...

Thanks for the comments! It was fun to write this post about John.

Trisha - thanks for your comments about crying. As you well know, I certainly don't like my emotions getting ahold of me. But, it is good in some ways - emotions that keep coming up tend to alert me to things that I need to talk to John about (even if I may think or may tell myself that it's really not a big deal). So, I guess I am learning a lot!