Thursday, October 15, 2009

Binder Clip Suspenders

In fashion news, there has been a breakthrough in the maternity clothing segment! If you are one of those people who can't fit your regular slacks, but have trouble keeping your maternity slacks up, there is hope! It's as close as your desk drawer. . .
Take two medium sized binder clips and clip your undershirt to your pants! It works wonders!
In other news, camping is just around the corner. . . I hope to see many of you at our fall camping trip tomorrow!


PoetLady said...

Baby Rajan is growing:)

I admit to doing some "jury rigging" of my own back in the day, most of mine included safety pins though.

You gotta do what you gotta do:)

Your sis,

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

There is an item called a Bella Band that is really easy to imitate. Imagine a Tube Top over your mid section. It helps hold too loose maternity pants or too snug unbotton regular pants up. It peeks out form under your tops looking like a fashionable layered tee. Many people make their own by using an old Under Armor shirt or sewing stretchy lace or material into a tube.

Jody said...

Another trick is to use a small hair 'pony' and loop it through the button hole of your pants and hook the 'pony' on the button. It did this on my jeans for a long time when I was pregnant! My jeans fit except for around the waist so this extended it a little.

You look WONDERFUL! Have fun camping!

Jody said...

P.S. For what it's worth I think you are having a boy! :)

Luke and Michele said...

you are hilarious!!


Luke and Michele said...

more prego pics!!!