Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Camping

This past weekend, John and I took Thomas camping at Mohican State Park, a beautiful park only about half an hour from our house. Some of the guys John works with had organized a trip, and we enjoyed being a part of the group of eight who came. There had been a lot of rain all day, but everything cleared up as we left for the campsite that evening. We enjoyed some great Chicken Pa Thai that John made us for supper when we got there! We used our new camp stove for the first time as well. It was fun to be outdoors and enjoy a nice fire with some friends.

The cool night air made for perfect sleeping! The camp sites were more primitive than we've typically camped at and didn't have any electricity or water so it was really dark at night!

There is a really pretty stream right across the road from these campsites. It was awesome to hear the water flowing as we fell asleep!

The next morning, Thomas was ready to be awake bright an early so I took him on a nice level trail to the base of the dam. By the time we got back to camp, he had fallen asleep!

Thomas also enjoyed getting to meet a dog that some friends brought.

Overall the trip was perfect! A great time to relax in beautiful surroundings!

Here he is getting flown back to the car for a diaper change :) It was quite an explosion!

Our little boy is getting big!


Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! It looks like fun. That last one of Thomas is especially cute.

You're blessed... camping in July is NOT something we can do here!

Victoria Anne said...

Thanks for posting these WONDERFUL pictures ! I long to come visit in person.
Thomas looks like both of you. He's such a handsome fellow and has clearly been so much loved. Praise Abba Father for your loving parenting !
Grandma Victoria

Trisha said...

Welcome to REAL camping! Not this pampered kind with water and electricity! ;-) Gas Lanterns - the next thing to invest in! So glad you were able to enjoy camping as a family (without getting cold and sick afterwards!)

Miss you all,

Trisha (for Paces)