Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Sun

 The last few days have really felt like summer up here. The sun has been out full force for much of the day and temperatures have been almost 90 (I know this is probably cool compared to what you guys in Alabama are experiencing, but it does feel hot!).  Thomas loves being outside!

Yesterday when John came home for lunch, he found us outside.  Thomas was enjoying just sitting under a tree.  As I couldn't decide which pictures to show, I decided to use them all.  It's amazing all the different expressions Thomas can make in just a few minutes as well as how many different ways he sucks his thumb and fingers!

As Thomas enjoys himself in the shade, I've been enjoying using the summer sun to dry our clothes.  Since Thomas loves being outside, he's less fussy if I spend time hanging the clothes up and folding them as I take them down then if I were to do that inside.  I also like knowing that we're using less energy and thus saving some money by using the great clothes line that came with our house.  Hanging clothes is also great if you tend to forget about checking and turning back on the clothes in the dryer.  If you forget them on the line, they will just get dryer the longer you wait (as long as it doesn't rain!). 


Victoria Anne said...

Thanks for the pix ! I have never seen your hair so long! It's pretty that way:)
The thing I enjoy about hanging clothes outside is how fresh they smell--no dryer sheets needed--especially for sheets, towels, and p.j.s
How I praise The Lord for the fun you are having with Thomas. Love, Grandma L.

Maria Coble said...

Thanks for the update. These days will pass fast, soon he'll be walking and crawling.

Often they get less fussy once they are more mobile.

Love you!
Your sister,

aemi said...

Almost 90? Hot?
Just be glad you don't live here in Texas. Lately it's been so hot it's almost too dangerous to spend much time outside. Temperatures have been in the 100s!
But I'm glad you have been able to enjoy the warm weather. Thomas is so cute, and he's getting so big!