Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Camping Countdown - Only 2 Weeks!

I can't believe how time has flown by! Two weeks from this moment, I'll probably be on my way to our spring camping trip once again. Camping (as those of you who know me realize) is something I do enjoy . I took a look at some of last fall's pictures and picked out a couple fun ones to share today.
Volley ball is almost a constant game while camping. I like this picture because in it you can see the "big kids" and "little kids" playing together. Look at the boy behind Ben - he's ready for that ball if it comes to him! Of course it's rare if a ball gets past Ben :)

This is another fun picture since it's girls (not the guys) who are collecting the daddy long legs. And they're having a great time with them!

Fun with family whether it's eating, hiking or hanging around on trees is something that always goes with camping.
Camping meals can be easy and still tasty. Our family prefers to play and spend a minimal amount of time cooking. Somehow we still end up eating well - doesn't food just taste better camping? Others take time to do some time-intensive meals which are also great tasting. Dad tends to be one of the ones that everyone knows is usually willing and able to help others finish up the left overs.
Each group is a little different. Last fall's group was large - over 100 people (not all in the picture) came last spring. It's hard to know how many we'll have this year. Many families are already making plans to come. I've given out invitations at church and work. I can't wait!


Lydia said...

YEA! I'm so excited! Can't wait for camping! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Anna Naomi said...

It will be lots of fun! I guess I'd better start planning since it will be here quite soon...

Ivory said...

I love the way you overlaid the words with the first picture of everyone spelling CAMPING with their bodies.

It does seem like you were just camping; I can't believe how fast time have flown by.