Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold Weather First

The other day when I got gas, I had something happen that had never happend in Alabama. My fuel door wouldn't open. Upon examining it, I realized that it had iced itself shut. With a little persuasion chipping out the ice with my keys and a gentle whack for good measure, the door soon opened up just fine.

In case you were wondering - it's cold here! With highs tending to reach around 20 and lows often below 10 (and even -24 one day last week!), the weather is like nothing I've ever known. But, so far I'm not minding it too much. I just don't spend much time outside. The last time I was outside for more than a couple minutes was sledding a couple weeks ago now.

The same family is planning a night sledding this Friday night. I'm not sure - the high is 33 that day and the low 21, so it's definitely warmer than its been. They're going to have a bonfire and I'm sure it will be fun. We just have to decide if we're up to the cold.


Lydia said...

Wow! That's cold weather! I'm glad you're not minding it too much. It has been cold here but not as cold as Ohio. Our lows are more like your highs I guess. Any, it's good to read your update! Things are going well here. I've been starting to get into a new class schedule.
Hope you have a GREAT day!
Love, Your sister,

Luke and Michele said...

Just keep running up the hill after sledding down it and you'll stay nice and toasty warm!
Welcome to the tundra. :)


J.P Lofgren said...

That is cold!

We have been having the coldest weather in about 6 years. When it gets in the teens overnight, I have a very hard time getting the house warm during the day. (We heat with wood - insert and stove.)

Yesterday it was about 40 degrees and windy here in central Alabama and we decided not to ride the horses. We about froze just holding their lead ropes while they ate some green grass.

I think the higher humidity down here in the South makes it feel colder.


Victoria said...

Miriam, I will never forget one morning heading to the Christian school where I taught in Lynn,Massachusetts that my car doors would not open because they were frozen shut. I remember calling Dad and he told me to call a taxi to take me so I would get to school on time. The school building was so cold maybe that same day, so I let each child have a cup of hot water (I guess there wasn't any cocoa) to try to keep their hands warm :) We don't remember actually doing this, but we heard that the frozen door problem could be solved with a portable hair dryer to melt the ice.
We look forward to seeing you in February ! Love, Mom