Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Weather

Before coming to Ohio, I never really considered what it would be like to live in an area where winter weather is of any concern. Sure, we had little scares occasionally in Alabama where there would be dusting of snow, school would be cancelled and all the milk and bread would be sold out. But honestly, during the 14 years I lived there, the roads were never really bad.

Sure I heard about places with snow, but how bad could it really get? I didn't think about how often it actually snowed and how driving could be affected by the weather. Rain may make driving difficult, but it's nothing like snow - especially when it's icy sleet or falling really fast.

According to the locals, we don't yet have really cold winter days. As I look at the ten day forecast, I wonder what real winter will look like. Already it's rare to go more than a couple days without seeing some snow falling. True, it does occasionally get warm (now defined in my brain as above 30!), and the snow has yet to accumulate, but how cold will it get?

As I learn about winter weather, I still think it somewhat fun to see the snow falling down. Weather up hear is more interesting - you never know when it will affect your drive home. Staying home due to the weather is something new that will sometimes give you an extra evening home. I've learned that snowplows and salt are wonderful and that the drive to work is typically not bad. I've also learned the term "two-hour delay" which happens whenever the roads are a little icy and schools open late. I don't like the feeling of my car sliding on the road, but so far have not had any major problems. We haven't yet had more than a few inches fall at once. Tonight, we supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow. I haven't yet made a snowman but maybe this weekend? . . Stay tuned!

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