Thursday, May 7, 2009

Have you ever used Winkflash?

I found what seems to be a great deal for printed scrabooks at winkflash. They have a deal for flatrate books (all you pay is supposedly the cost of the 20 page book with no additional charge for pages 21-100). So, since I have a lot of pictures from this past year that have not been printed yet, I have started the process of uploading pictures and making a book.

I used Shutterfly for our wedding album and was extreemly happy with the book. I'm hoping that the quality of winkflash is just as good.

Have you used winkflash? What did you think of it?

1 comment:

PoetLady said...

I have made 3 books with them and showed them to you.

I like them.

Not as many options as shutterfly but there are quite a few options.

Captions have to be shorter (or did back when I made mine.)

I am pleased with the quality etc.