Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trip to South Carolina - Part 1

This is a first part in a series of posts about our recent trip to South Carolina. For me (John is writing), this was a bit of a homecoming. When I first met Miriam on eHarmony, I was set to leave the Greenville area, where I had lived for 2 years and 9 months. Indeed Greenville became my "second home." Of course, Illinois is my "first home" because it is my home state.

I was a bit disappointed to be leaving Greenville as I met Miriam, because I had made some very good friends there and was quite eager to introduce Miriam to them. However, the most important people to introduce Miriam to at that time was my family in Illinois. Hence my friends in Greenville have not had much time to meet Miriam.

I was actually hoping to meet a nice girl in Greenville area as it is an area with a good Christian influence, especially with Bob Jones University being in the area. But it was not to be, and the Good Lord led me by faith to get to know Miriam. So it was a victorious feeling being married to Miriam this time for my trip there.

It is my hope that for those of you reading this and looking at these pictures, that you will realize that I was pretty much in the same situation, with good church and friends, as Miriam was in Alabama when I first got to know her.

The trip along the way was very nice. We started after work on Thursday, stayed halfway in Kentucky that night, and arrived in Greenville on Friday. We took US23 from Columbus, which is four lanes all the way into Tennessee, where it joins Interstate 26, which heads directly towards Greenville. The above picture is Norton, Virginia, where we stopped for lunch at a Japanese place. I love accents, and the Southern accent does not disappoint. I loved the way my waitress pronounced Pepsi (Pee-ip-si).
As we crossed into North Carolina (30 miles above Asheville), we stopped at a rest place to take in these nice views.
Flowers and Mountains, my favorite scenery.
We arrived in Greenville and then drove up along with Odell and his wife and son to the camp site. Miriam and Odell work to set up the tent.
Dinner at camp. It was nice to finally sit down and have some food to eat. Odell's wife, Beth, did a great job of preparing the food.
Miriam and Josh Summer made friends instantly. Miriam delighted Josh with the glow sticks, making caps out of them. Soon it was time for bed.
We got up the next day and had some breakfast. Then we headed to Table Rock State Park, for a hike 7.2 mile round trip hike up the mountain and back.
We finally got up to the top. The pathway really climbs the whole way up. At the top, you are standing above 3000 ft. This is the grand view you get.
Half way down the mountain, one will walk over the surface of this huge rock that is part of the mountain.
I really liked the views. Lydia, this is only 1.5 hours east of Toccoa Falls.
Another view.
Walking and hiking is an activity that I really enjoy doing with Miriam. Believe it or not, I am actually and outdoors person in the heart. I just haven't done as much "outdoorsy" things. Miriam is the perfect person to enjoy the outdoors with.
Don't get to close to the edge of that rock.
For those of you who attended our wedding, you may remember one of my groomsmen, Odell Summer. He became my closest friend while I was living in Greenville. I spent a lot of time with Odell and his son Josh. Odell came from an unsettled background. After landing a short time in jail for repeat speeding violations, he gave his heart to the Lord. He came to Greenville to study the Bible at the Evangelical Institute of Greenville. Shortly after I met Miriam on eHarmony, Odell was encouraged to try eHarmony as well. He met Beth shortly thereafter. I never recognized this, but apparently Beth was matched to me as well. However, it is clear that Beth is perfect for Odell. Once you met Odell, there is no question that you are around someone who desires to serve the Lord with a whole heart. They are going to The Master's Mission in North Carolina this fall.
Odell, showing off his romantic side with Beth. Their dog, Lady, takes in the scent of the flowers.
Below, Miriam and Josh. Miriam's energy and enthusiam for children certainly wins over kids like Josh.
Josh loves to make friends and then have a friendly fight.
Josh being a character.
These type of flowers were the predominant flower of the area. They are white like this when they are not exposed to sunlight. The flowers below are exposed to sunlight, hence their pinkish color.
Other wonderful scenery. :-)
We finally finished our hike. Lady was tired.
There is no such thing as camping without a camp fire.


poetlady said...

Glad to see a promised camping post, I kept checking:) John, do you know I went to Bob Jones for a few months? If I hadn't gotten so ill, who knows, I might have graduated from there. It's a beautiful campus and their music is really lovely.

I found it funny, Mom gave James one of those glowy hats on Memorial Day weekend. I had never seen them before and now, I see, you used them too.

I love how you call Miriam "Beautiful scenery":)

So glad you two got to take that trip:)

Your sis(-in-law,)

Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for sharing these cool pictures! :) Looks like a fun time. :)

Lisa said...

John, your cap is backward in one pic and forward in the next.