Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Miriam Hiding?

Way too much time has passed since I have posted on this blog. My resolutions to post on a regular basis have fallen by the wayside. One might think that I have been extremely busy or stressed out, but, that's not the case.

Sure, life has been passing quickly, but it's also felt like a somewhat relaxed and fun spring. As you saw in our last post, the weather here is absolutely beautiful. I'm enjoying living in here where the springs are mild, and temperature is cool.

I have simply not been posting for no good reason. I've been reading many blogs. Typically I read blogs over lunch, but can't comment because for some reason the pages with comments are typically blocked at work. In the same way, the posting page for this blog is blocked. So, I've become a media consumer instead of a producer for the past months.

Will it change? Possibly. I do have a couple ideas for blog posts right now. But, it could well be that time will pass quickly to quickly for me to post as much as I would like since John and I are busy at work and church and enjoying life together. The evenings pass by too quickly in normal life. Having dinner, talking, reading and walking together - this is a good life!


Anonymous said...

Aah Lord of the Rings! Is Miraim an Ent??

miss mary said...

Okay fess up what are you hiding for.? What did you do?? I know you haven't been posting and you don't even have a reason for it.You're hiding from shame! = -)

Hi Love reading though your blog posts. I hope to read more and that you will post more often as well

Have a wonderfully Blessed day-Hugs