Friday, April 25, 2008

AWANA Books of the Old Testament

I finished this post 3 weeks ago, leaving to see Mrs. Langston at the nursing home while the video uploaded. Of course, John surprised me there and then I had much more interesting post!
Finally I'm going back to this and have decided that now is a good time to post these pictures and video of my AWANA kids class. I have really enjoyed "my kids" this year - ending up with many active boys and girls (though mostly boys) who are typically very excited to be at AWANA.

Above is this year's Picture! All the kids don't have the books completely down as you can tell from the video, but they're close. The video was taken a month ago when my class size just about doubled since I had both the kindergarten and first grade kids due to the kindergartener's teacher being sick (needless to say it was a bit more of a crazy class then usual! We have only two more weeks for the kids to finish saying the sections in their books (and then two more weeks for awards and a pizza party). I think most of the kids who have come all year are very close to finishing and I'm very glad to say that they have done a great job on their books of the old testament section due to Memlok's Say the books! story and actions.

I'm flying off to see John this weekend and can't wait! I plan to take a few pictures, so you should see some photos from that area sometime next week!


Anna Naomi said...

It's so neat that you do this for the children each year! Great job getting everything together!

CarlaRose said...

Our church is in the process of incorporating the AWANA program into it's youth ministry and I have been asked to be involved. I told them I couldn't give an answer until after the wedding, as we are hoping to add to our family and my pregnancy with Devon was difficult, but it's nice to see that you are doing it. The kids look like lots of fun. I'm hoping to do it for sure next year, as Devon will be 5 and loves to do things at church.

Miriam said...


It's so good to hear from you! Remember that summer that we helped out at a vacation bible school in Elbow Lake together? I think we both helped out in it and brought our younger siblings to be in it. It was a lot of fun.

I'm sure Devon would enjoy it a lot. He will be an AWANA spark - it's a great program!

I'm so excited for you! Only a few more days until your wedding! How have all the plans come together? I'd love to talk with you some after you're settled in!