Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just Looking . . .

This past Saturday, Anna took me and Jubilee shopping for patterns and cloth. It has been many years since I've been in a cloth or craft store looking for material so I was very thankful for my "little" sister's knowledge and familiarity with this process. We first went to Hobby Lobby, but didn't find very much promising material or many decent patterns. Then we walked down a couple stores to Hancock's where we found all the various materials and patterns shown below.

As you can tell, I'm thinking of using purple for my bridesmaid dresses. We did find some nice purple cloth as well as several possibilities for cloth to use for the wedding dress. But. . . I just wasn't sure what to get. Since I like to sometimes take a little time to make decisions, I decided before we even got to the stores that I would just look and take pictures of things I kinda liked. (As Rob would say, this kind of shopping is not an illustration of patience on my part, just the predetermined way I operate!)

It was fun and before too long we had looked at all there was to see and were off to Sonic for lunch. Neither Jubilee or I are into long shopping trips, so I'm glad we finished before too much time had gone by. On the way home to my families house, I stopped to take pictures of some purple flowers I had noticed on my walk that morning.

I don't know what kind of flowers these are, but they sure were pretty! I guess I'll get to learn all about purple flowers when I start to chose the flowers for the wedding. So much to learn. . .

I usually spend time doing CAD drawings and dealing with small metal parts, heavy bent metal pieces, fasteners, wire and fittings and going to meetings with the guys at work or doing sound at church or doing science experiments at AWANA or countless other non-girly activities. Those are all fun and good, but I think that I will also have some fun with some of the more pretty things of life.


PoetLady said...

Your last post when you said you hadn't decided yet reminded me of when we tried to get curtain material once:) You do like to make sure you are making the best choice so you take awhile to make a choice which is probably good.

I decide quickly on most things but sometimes that works out..and sometimes not.

I hope you have a wedding day you and John both love to remember:)

Your sister,

Luke said...

I think the flowers are Irises. We have yellow ones in our center circle that are starting to come up.
The purple color in the pictures is very pretty!

Love ya,

Anna Naomi said...

It was fun looking around with you! It will be fun making things with you as well! "Girly" things can be fun! =)

CarlaRose said...

Hi Miriam, it's Carla Hough... well, Benson in 6 days! I got a letter from your mother that had your blog listed. I wanted to say congratulations on your engagment and upcomming wedding. They are a lot of work but it's worth it in the end.... for many reasons. (:

I just got to try on my dress in it's finished form yesterday. I felt like a princess! I am also using a shade of purple for my girl's dresses called orchid. You will be amazed at how may flowers come in purple! (yours are iris and I'm using them in my arrangments)

I am doing well, God has blessed me with a wonderful man. I took the long way around but God always brings his children home and back into his favor.

I wish you every happiness and will follow your blog to keep up on the details. Weddings are such fun!