Thursday, April 17, 2008

Short Update

I just want to say a quick thanks to all of you who are reading my blog for all the nice comments! I have enjoyed sharing my excitement with "the world." This joy I have in sharing my love of John is something that just flows out! Of course I can't be grinning ear to ear all the time, but every time I have a chance to tell someone else about John, how we met, and our plans for the future, I just can't stop smiling.

I was thinking a few days ago that this is the same kind of joy we should have in sharing Jesus with others. He is our life and our joy. He is the reason we live. In fact the Bible says that we are the bride of Christ. I think those parallels will have a whole new meeting as I think about and eventually become a bride myself.

I'm halfway through a post about last weekend's fun trip down to Pensacola, but didn't have time to finish it this morning. So I'm just writing this instead! Today is our last day of training at work. All has been going very well. We have a group of 19 people in our class this time - they are very pleasant and all the details for training have been falling together wonderfully. However I will be glad when we're done this afternoon and I can change from teacher back into a "behind the desk" engineer. People can make me tired!

This weekend I will be doing some wedding planning. I hope to spend some time with Anna at a cloth store looking at potential patterns and material for bridesmaid and wedding dresses! I actually tried some dresses on at David's Bridal on Monday evening. I felt like a kid playing dress up - as I looked at myself in the mirror, I just kept thinking, is this really me?

My time has run out if I hope to make it to work in time to print out tests and surveys for my class. More pictures and details will follow later!


PoetLady said...

If you decide to do an engagement announcement in the paper or to use a photo on your wedding invitation, the top on on this entry where it zooms in on your faces is the best one I have seen of you. You both look so happy:)

Thanks for posting. I am glad you 4 got to go to Florida!

Your oldest sister,

Ivory said...

It's so exciting to hear all about how you guys met and all the plans you are making now.

I'm also really glad we (Chris and I) were able to met John over Christmas. It makes reading all the posts so much more personal when you KNOW the people written about.

Only one thing I'm bummed about . . . not being in the same city or even state :(

If you don't post pictures of colors, fabrics, styles and dresses, then you have take pictures and send them to me.

I can't wait to see Miriam in a wedding dress!!!

Luke said...

So sweet!! Do you have colors for the wedding picked out?

Luke said...

I agree with Maria about the picture. It really is a good one of you guys. You should at least get it framed. :)