Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shower of Blessing!

Trisha threw a wonderful shower for me at her home on Saturday! I'm so thankful to her for
taking the time to make this a very special and fun time. I had a blast. I'm also thankful for her family for making this a wonderful time! Thanks also go to many who helped with the food and other countless details.

I was amazed at the number of people who took the time to make this a very special occasion. Friends from work, church and our camping group showed up in numbers that I didn't expect. I have been bountifully blessed with so many friends!

We enjoyed a great brunch and then had some fun with a "How well do you know John and Miriam" game that Trisha made up. I was a bit worried that even I wouldn't get all the questions right since my early memories are fuzzy and since I'm sure I don't know everything about John! Thankfully, I held on to my "honor" and got all the answers right. Lori was the winner, getting more questions right than any one else (excluding family members).

The ladies also made a special gift for John. Many filled out notecards filled with information on "How to take care of Miriam." These were put into a book for John's current and future reference. We both enjoyed reading all the suggestions which ranged from the humorous (like "don't buy half the fat stuff" from Jubilee or "Let Miriam run the mouse" from Rob) to the more serious.

I don't have time right now to write more about all the wonderful gifts that we received. They will be perfect for us as we set up for our new life together. I will be very prepared to make some great meals for John! Since a picture is worth innumerable words, enjoy the pictures!


Beckett said...

That looks like such a fun shower. Congratulations!


Carla Benson said...

Wow! It looks like your shower had an amazing turn out, and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I loved your cake, very pretty in purple. (: Best Wishes to you both.