Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trial and ERROR

Things I've learned this week at work:

When things are done by trial and error, error is likely to occur

Errors are no fun, especially when the error has a large effect on others

Errors are especially no fun when they create problems you have no clue how to correct

Errors will make you more hesitant to try things in case the error happens again

But . . . if you are doing something new and there is no on who can tell you how to do it, the only possible way to do it is by trial and error.

Buttons that are available in a system and then create such errors should not be able to be accessed.

Trial does produce a lot of good results

Are the good results produced by the trial worth the catastrophes started by the error? That I have yet to learn.

There is not much time left for either trial or error in my last project here at work. I am doing a data conversion from one inventory system to another and have only two more days to finish this project before it goes live. From my perspective right now it seems very risky. However, the time frame is set since I soon will be done with work here and move to Ohio.

I pray that the errors I've accidentally created can be corrected and that my growing list of items that have to be done before the conversion is finished enough so that this conversion is a success.


Elijah Lofgren said...

I'll be praying for you!

Don't worry. :)

Beckett said...

While I prefer for things to go smoothly, I find I often learn the most from errors - except when I can't figure them out! I've had some of those lately - so frustrating.

Also, I think it is impossible to do any sort of data conversion without errors popping up, even if you've done the conversion before! I'm sure you'll get it figured out.

Lisa said...

Nice photo. It compliments the post well. Those are some excellent questions too-something we all think about from time to time. Some errors are worth and of course, some are not. God will help you figure out the answers.

John said...

Uhem... Unfortunately my camera takes a bad picture every now and then. I wish they had a feature in Photoshop to correct for this type of picture defect ;)