Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hand and Foot and Family

Last night I enjoyed pizza at my family's house along with what's become a usual tradition of playing a game after we eat. After much debate, we settled on Hand and foot which Dad always tries to make it sound like a new game by coming up with new names for it like "Nuts and Bolts," or "Knees and Elbows."
Hand and Foot is not Jubilee's favorite game, but she suffered through it by occupying herself with twist-tie creations when it wasn't her turn. She made cute little guy on a tire swing and I decided that I would use a picture we took of me and her creation as my profile picture since I hadn't posted one yet .


ivory said...

Playing games with family is a lot of fun. I think Hand and Foot is the most recent game we have learned and we enjoy the challenge. A few family members enjoy sitting back quietly playing hoping no one will notice that they have already pickup their foot.

While visiting with Chris's cousins in MN last month, I played a new card game called SET. It is a lot of fun and can be played with any number of players (odd or even) and people can jump in and out of the game. This is really handy for Chris's cousins who almost all have little kids who are constantly needing attention.

You can find the game on amazon by searching for: "Set: The Family Game of Visual Perception"

Also, it has its own website:

Elijah Lofgren said...

We actually have "SET". :)
It's a pretty cool game, but we haven't played it in a long time.

Anna Naomi said...

It was fun playing games with you, Miriam!

Yes, Jubi and I played SET a while back... We used to play it all the time, and Lydia always beat me! Oh, the memories of childhood! =)

Miriam said...

Anna, you're not that far from childhood, or are you? I guess even though I know you've grown up, I still think of you and the other "little kids" as being between 3 and 12. Times have changed!

We haven't played set in a while. It was one of those games that the "kids" learned and then were much better than I at playing. And, since I tend to not like to loose, it's probably my fault that we didn't play it much, Elijah. But maybe if I practice online, I can at least catch up to you all!

Thanks for giving the website Ivory! I saw on there that it had the 5 Crowns game that we played at your house a couple times during college. I had completly forgotten about that game, but may get it one of these days. Have you played any of the other card games on that site?

Anna Naomi said...

No, I'm not that far from childhood... =) It just seems like a long time ago that I was around 8!