Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Picasa and Peru Pictures

It's amazing what one click can do to improve a picture. Picasa2 is a great free program that is great for editing picture colors and removing red-eye. Other programs are more expensive and perfect for more technical or detailed changes, but Picasa is wonderful for quick amazing picture updates! There is a cool button called "I'm feeling lucky" which changed the picture from dull to vibrant. This is one of the pictures the Peru team took on their way to Huarez this year. It's such an amazing change that I've spent the last two or three hours modifying most of the 800+ pictures that a couple of the people took. Tomorrow after work we hope to finish the slide show. I hope the slideshow falls together easily tomorrow.


ivory said...

It's really amazing that at the click of the mouse it can look so much better.

Looks GREAT!

Anna Naomi said...

I've used Picasa for picture editing as well - it's really nice!