Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why Blog?

As I begin this blog, I ask myself the question: Why in the world start another blog? There are thousands, no make that millions of blogs according to the Blog Herald. I guess having a blog makes one "fit in" our world. I don't typically do things just to fit in so there's got to be a better reason.

It is true that all but one of my siblings already have blogs. So, maybe I should have one since it's become a family thing to do? No, that's not a good enough reason either. However the fact that they have blogs has played a part in my decision to have one as well.

Through the my sibling's blogs, I have begun to read about their lives and learn more about what they think in many areas. I have also linked from their sites to blogs written by many other interesting people, and it has become a habit to check on my favorite blogs each day over lunch. These blogs have me think and consider other points of view. I have always intended to journal and maybe a blog is a better way to do so. The blog will enable my family and friends to be better aware of my thoughts and the things I face in life. Hopefully it will deepen the "real" or "face to face" relationships in my life and spark deeper or less surface conversations between those I know.

Creating a blog is a somewhat self-centered or self-focused endever. As someone who is already an introvert, I hope that blogging doesn't increase my introverted characteristics but possibly makes it easier to express the things I already think in a way that many people will be able to understand.

The name of my blog (Not Her Own) is taken from Jeremiah 10:23 which says "I know, O LORD, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps." Since man in this verse seems to equally apply to woman, I chose to call this blog Not Her Own. I don't see my life as mine, but choose to remind myself that this life I live is a life that belong to my Creator. It is to be lived for His glory. My blog posts will most likely be somewhat random in topic, but I pray that the posts will honor God and be used in some way to further His glory and purposes on earth.

So, in the end I'm not sure why I'm finally beginning a blog today. But as I had some time to fill while my pictures uploaded to walmart, this seemed like the perfect time to start a blog. I will find it interesting to see if this will be some passing hobby in my life or if it will be something that will become second nature for me. Only God knows what the future holds for this blog and for our lives. To Him be all the glory.


Anna Naomi said...

I really like your blog, Miriam! Thanks for joining the blogosphere - now we can learn more about you. =)

You don't mind if I post a link to you from my blog, do you?

Miriam said...

Thanks Anna! Sure, you can link to my blog if you would like!

Thanks for the good meal tonight - I enjoyed that and scrapbooking too!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Miriam!

Can't wait to read more.