Saturday, August 4, 2007

DVD conversions

If you've ever tried to upload video from a dvd to youtube or tried to modify movie clips with .vob files in microsoft movie maker, you probably have run into the same problems I've had this week. Most free software out there that converts .vob files will only work for the first 5 minutes of a file (unless you pay for the full version). On Thursday, Elijah and I found a cool piece of free software called AutoGK that will not only convert the files, but also allows you to set the maximum file size of the new file. This way you can set the video to be under the 100Mb that youtube requires and sill have the best quality possible. Here are the two weeks of Peru videos taken by the Lima Peru church for Fountain of Grace's mission trip.


Maria said...

I haven't watched it all but I LOVE at the beginning when Pastor Tony says "Yehaw" or something like that.

What music did you use?

For some reason, I thought it would be photos instead of video...maybe the photos are later.

I'll watch the rest later, need to get to some housework (as usual:)

Your oldest sister,

Miriam said...

These are the videos that the Lima Peru church made. All I did was put them on youtube so more people could see them. I have made one slideshow with photos and put in on my youtube channel and more will come later!