Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Family Games

Whenever I go to my family's house for supper, we almost always without exception play a game after dinner. On Friday night when we played Stock Market, Elijah "stealthily moved" her stock with the largest number of shares to his side of the board. Anna looked and looked for the shares. First she blamed me and I kept telling her, they're right in front of you! It was so funny that we even got out the camera and took this clip right as she finally found the stock.

Now this may be one of those - you had to be there to actually think it's funny kind of clips, but I sure laughed a lot at this situation when it happened!

Next, I took a clip of Elijah playing and being a bit silly. As a family I think people tend to imagine that we're quite serious, but once you get to know us better, you'll find we're as crazy (at times) as anyone else.


Anna Naomi said...

We are exposed for our true selves...

Looking back at it, it was pretty funny. It was infuriating to not know where they were, though! I'll listen better next time you say something's right in front of me. =)

Luke said...

*GASP* and Shocked expression:

You guys are ALWAYS serious???

Hee hee!


Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for posting these. :)

Miriam said...

What, you've seen us in our silly mode? We've got to be more careful from now on!