Sunday, October 21, 2007

Camping Pictures

For those of you who were camping today and are still up checking my blog - Go to bed! But if it's Monday or you weren't camping, feel free to take a look at the pictures I've uploaded here.

More later - now it's time for some sleep!

2007-October Camping


Maria said...

I have yet to see them all but I have to say, I LOVE the one of you all limboing under the gate or whatever it was. To anyone reading these comments, go look for the pic, it was great:)

Your oldest sister,

Luke said...

Very cool pictures! I especially like the ones of the willow tree.
Glad you had a good time and got back safely. Are you going back to work tomorrow morning??

love ya,

Anna Naomi said...

Wow, you're fast Miriam! I enjoyed looking through the pictures and will use some on my blog. The limbo ones were some of my favorite!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Great pictures, Miriam! You were quite fast in getting them up.

Miriam said...

It was definitely a fun trip and we did get some awesome pictures. I got the pictures that Elijah and Anna have taken and will upload those as well as Rob's and Tammy's sometime this week. I'll let you know when they're up!

Yes, I was back at work yesterday. It's a busy week. And time just doesn't stop!

Ivory said...

It looks like you had great weather and a great time camping. The pictures are great.