Friday, October 26, 2007

Awana Science Experiment - Spreading Outward

This Experiment can be found in the second Science and the Bible book - I highly recommend them all!

Theme: Run from Sin

Bible Verses: But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness (1 Tim 6:11)

Materials Used: bowl, water, pepper or glitter, liquid dish soap;
Hiker Class

Lesson: There is a time to stay and fight, but there is also a time to flee. As Christians, we are told to flee from sin. We need to stay as far away from temptation as possible. As it says in our verse, there are also things we should pursue like righteousness, godliness and faith.

Illustration: We filled the bowl with water. Once the water was still, we sprinkled glitter over the surface. The glitter is to represent a believer. Next we touched the dish soap and then placed our finger in the middle of the bowl. The soap represents an evil influence. The glitter immediately flees from the soap just like a believer should flee from sin.

This is one experiment that my kids have always had a blast doing! They love the glitter and its fun since they can do all of it themselves.

We finished the missionary story we've been covering for the last month. We've been doing parts of a story about a girl named Star. Amy Carmicael actually was the missionary that told her about Christ. Though my kids do like the story, they have trouble sitting still. So, the last couple weeks, I've allowed them to get comfortable anyway they want on the chairs before the story. As you can see in the pictures, their favorite possition is sitting backwards on their chairs!

We also finished taking our books of the Old Testament pictures. Now I've got to start cropping them and changing them into the picture I'll print for the kids. I need to crop the background out of the picture, add words and add the other pictures to them to illustrate what they're acting out.


Luke said...

What a neat activity! Its simple and quick. I'll have to try it with my kiddos!
love ya,

Ivory said...

I agree, Miriam, Science and the Bible books are great. They have a lot of neat demonstrations to use to teach concepts in the Bible. I would definitly recommend these books as well.

Ivory said...

Miriam, during our AWANA Counsel time, I have noticed that a lot of my 3rd and 4th graders have trouble finding books in their Bible. Most of them have finished the section that requires them to say the books of the Bible (so they have them memorized, but just can't find them).
Since I am now teaching 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School, I was wanting to strengthen their knowledge of the books of the Bible. Would you recommend the MemLOK's "say the books" material for this purpose and age group?

Miriam said...

It is fun and easy (and the kids like it!). Let me know if my niblings enjoy it!

Ivory, It is a good tool for memorizing the books. But once they know the books in order, I don't know if using the books of the old testament story and actions would help all that much. Our 4-6th grade sunday school kids also have trouble finding books of the bible. I've been trying to think of a good way to help them learn how to quickly find the books, but haven't yet. We did start doing some sword drills, but for those who are confused, it doesn't really help. I've beeen thinking that I should help them learn which of the books are longer (and thus easier to find) and then go from there to the shorter books. It may be that they'll never really learn where the books are until they start to read the Bible for themselves.

Ivory said...

I have made an 11x17 page, which I will laminate, that looks like a bookshelf and has slots for each of the books of the Bible. I plan to make individual slips of paper for each book and laminate those also. The bookshelf shows the divisions of the Bible (history, poetry, Pauline Epistles). The plan is to have the kids put the "books on the shelf". I plan on using this as an opening activity for Sunday School. Maybe by breaking it down into sections will help them realize where they are in the Bible and then they will be able to find where they need to be.