Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Camping Countdown - Camping Today!

Today's the day! This morning started out with rain. But even with such a start to the day, the forecast looks promising for a wonderful weekend of camping. Today's pictures highlight eating and music - two things that are "givens" when it comes to camping. Each of us girls has been the camping planner in turn. Currently Anna is doing a great job getting the food (and other items) together for this trip. Of course Lydia and Jubilee are helping her pack! I'm bringing the "good stuff" (i.e. the unhealthy s'mores, rice crispy treats etc!). I typically drive straight from work to the campgrounds so when we divide up what to bring, I try to avoid products that require refrigeration. The variety of food that people bring to each camping trip is amazing. I think one of my dad's favorite camping activities is going around as people finish eating and 'helping them' with their leftover food!

Some of the group are already there and in just a few hours I will be as well!


Ivory said...

I know you guys have been looking forward to this for along time. I hope you have wonderful weather and are able to add to all the great memories you already have.
Have lots of fun and let me know how the "glow in the dark" volleyball game turns out.

Mrs. Hart said...

Well, I sure had a blast! I can hardly keep my eyes open though, so I'm heading to bed and it's only just past 8 pm!

I enjoy your blog, Miriam.

Miriam said...

The glow in the dark volleyball was awesome fun! It was a little hard to judge distance and did hurt just a bit if you hit the ball where a glow stick was located. But I definitely enjoyed playing at night. Some of the group played dodge ball at night too. Awesome way to stay moving even when it's dark.

Thanks for reading my blog Mrs. Hart! I guess you're family started the group camping trip tradition - thanks for doing so and inviting us to join you!