Friday, October 12, 2007

Career Direct Personality Assessment

Ivory mentioned the career direct personality survey on her post yesterday.

I just took the survey and though I don't know for sure if I answered the questions accurately, I kind of agree with the assessment. Click below to see the description of Career Directs' assessment of me as an Analyzer.

What do you think? Does this really describe me?


Maria said...

Sounds like you.

I got:

So are they right with me?

Your Big Sister,

Anna Naomi said...

It does sound like you. =)

I got a detailist:
(just select the whole thing and and paste it into your browser - it should work). Do you think it's me?

Personality tests can be fun but hard at the same time sometimes!

Maria said...

Mine was administrator by the way.

Ron got "driver"

Both Ron and I feel it describes him well (and surely we know him best:)

Now I know part of why you might be hesitating at college, Anna, you are:

Your tendency is to resist change and to avoid taking risks in your approach to life.

I thought that was part of it but they expressed it better:)

Your sister,

Kevin said...

I'd have to agree with your assessment. I'll have to give it a go when I have time. :-)

Luke said...

Yes, I think it describes you, although one on one you are attentive to people and their feelings.

love ya,

Luke said...

I got a deep thinker...hmmm, let me think about that one. hee hee!"


Miriam said...

Maria, I think the administrator sounds like you, especially when I think about how you had the goal of the anniversary party for the parents and then were able to get all of us to cooperate and work toward that goal.

Anna, Detailist sounds like how you approached the Ruth play. It's amazing how many little details you took care of so completely (down to writing thank you notes to oodles of people!) Do you really think you're that resistant to change? I haven't really seen that in you. I guess once you make up your mind to do something hard, whether it be directing a play or teaching a dance class, you do it all the way.

Ron, I guess your personality of desiring independence plays well into having your own business. It's pretty cool how personalities are either indicators of what we would do best at or possibly strengthened in some areas through what we chose to do.

Michele, I think the phrase "organized, conscientious, thorough, analytical, and prepared" fits you well. When Anna and Jubilee and I were there, it was fun to see how you had thought through all that we would face with your kids.

I appreciate your comment about being attentive to people one on one. I think that these personality surveys are good indicators of where we struggle. I think I just might post some more about all this now. This comment is getting really long!

Anna Naomi said...

Yes, details is what I look at when I think about doing something, which is why the thought of another musical overwhelmed me at first. I don't think I'm that resistant to change. Change can be fun - and it's certainly not the reason I don't wan to go to college! =)

Maria said...

I mainly said that about change, Anna, because you (and/or Dad) said you like your life the way it is, you like living at home, teaching dance, cooking and you don't want to CHANGE that.

I may have been totally wrong.