Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday John!

Yesterday we celebrated John's 30th Birthday! On his birthday last year, John had only been in Ohio for a little while and didn't have anyone around to celebrate his birthday with him. We weren't dating at that time. However, I did write in my journal last year questioning whether or not I would ever see John again. I wrote that I was wondering what I would be doing on that day the next year. Considering all the questions I had at that time, it was a joy to be here and celebrate John's birthday last night!

I did a very non-typically-Miriam type thing and took out the nice things Trisha gave me in the "date night" basket shower gift and set up a "fancy dinner." She gave me the table cloth, place mates, napkins, glasses, candles, and candle holder as well as the sparkling apple cider. The dishes were given to me by another lady from my church (Marjie). It's a set of two that she was given when she got married and thought it might be fun for us to have. I actually had some fun setting up everything in order to make the birthday meal more special and to surprise John!

I even dressed up! Those of you who know me know that all this fancy stuff is not the normal Miriam! Natalie should be very proud:) I actually did have fun trying to think of all the non-Miriam stuff I could do to make the evening special.
John had fun opening his presents! John loves airplanes and Legos so I anticipate that we will enjoy spending some time putting together this plane that has over 1000 pieces!
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PoetLady said...

Did John get my e-card, I sent it yesterday?

I just mailed your photo CD today. It is way too late, I know but I still hope you like some of the photos. A lot are of children but maybe I got some others didn't take. I love my own of Noah mid-air when he won musical chairs. Let me know if the CD arrives..surely within days? (how long does real mail take?)

Your late sis,

Miriam said...

I know he got an ecard from Mom - I'll ask if he got another one that I didn't see. Thanks for mailing the CD! I will enjoy having those pictures as well! I'll let you know when it comes.

We're coming down for camping in October (we just got plane tickets!). Do you have any plans to come down then?

PoetLady said...

We're thinking about it. We need to get through the next week.

I'll tell Ron you're coming, that may make us more likely to:)


Trisha said...

Happy 30th John! And congrats Miriam for breaking out of your comfort zone. I'm glad you had fun thinking, planning, doing for him. Let the Lord do that through you throughout the years of marriage - it will richly bless you both. The "rest" of the "date night kit" is still to come. I've been delinguent in finishing it! Hope to send it up there soon. Love and miss you both. Glad to hear that you'll be down for camping. It just wouldn't be "camping" withour Mrs. Miriam!

Love you, Trisha

Miriam said...


I can't wait to see you and everyone else for camping! I didn't think we would come for camping, but decided that if it's either Thanksgiving or camping, I would rather be there for camping!

Oh, I wanted to let you know that Rob was really helpful this morning. You married a very wise man! I just got a call back from that job. After following Rob's advice (and relieving me of my conflicted thinking), I still will hopefully have a follow-up interview set up soon (assuming nothing else happens to change that)! (He can fill you in on all the details if he hasn't already!)

Love ya!

Miriam said...


Thanks for the ecard-I guess John didn't see it yesterday, but we enjoyed it over lunch today! Very cute :)

We would love to see you at camping. I'm not sure if we'll be down there again for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We're still talking about what to do for those holidays.



Luke and Michele said...


The ketchup bottle in your picture adds a special romantic touch. :)

I am impressed you were able to get all those candles on his cake! Welcome to the 30's John!


Anna Naomi said...

Happy belated birthday, John! Yesterday I just knew it was someone's birthday, but as I didn't have your birthday entered into my book yet, I didn't know who it could be! I am now writing it in, so that I won't forget again!

Miriam, great job making everything special!

Mrs. Hart said...

Happy Birthday, John. I knew I liked you for some good reason...Legos!

I raised my kids on Legos. I think my first born son (29 yo) would still buy Legos if he could afford them!

My 16 yo and 12 yo sons have built "Lego City" in their room. There is a path from the stairs to their beds and the bathroom! Every other inch is covered.

In another room of my house, a war is going on with Lego archers on horseback, led by a general with two swords (go figure).

I don't want to even consider how much we have spent on Legos over the years. Ignorance is bliss and all that, besides it was an investment, right? They never get old or outdated and hey, I've got grandchildren now to share them with!

SO GLAD you're able to come camping. We're actually starting to have some cool nights, so we're all hoping for perfect camping weather!

Mrs. Hart said...


I've enjoyed keeping up with the wedding and honeymoon photos you have been posting. Thanks for thinking about all of us who are so interested (nosy?) in your new life and taking the time to share.

Also, I'm not so sure that what you did for John's birhday was an un-Miriam thing to do. I just think it's a new path you're on now. Until you married John, you never had anyone special to "dress up" for. Now that you are married, you can allow the latent romantic in you to find full expression. It might feel slightly strange at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.

Believe me, your husband will love the "new" Miriam!

See you both soon!
Mrs. Hart

Lisa said...

Nice work, Miriam. All the pictures are really neat.

Natalie said...

WOW!! See God IS the author of romance! I am SOOOO proud of you for letting the Holy Spirit work through you to plan this special event, Miriam! When the Father does it, it's wonderful! I know John felt honored and special! I am just beyond excited and belief at you getting out of you comfort zone! Happy Birthday John! Love and miss you both!
P.S. I have actually thought of coming camping to be able to spend some time with you, but the military is extending Stephen's training he is leaving for from one week to 2 weeks and he will return the Saturday of the campout. After 2 weeks away we will need some alone time! Just thought you would like to know how out of my comfort zone I was about to become for our friendship! LOL! Love ya girl!

Lydia said...

Happy belated birthday John!
It looks like you enjoyed a great time with Miriam!
I'm so glad both of you are planning to come on the camping trip this fall!
Your "new" sister,

Luke 1:37

John said...

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your kind birthday wishes. Indeed my birthday was special most of all because of my brand new beautiful wife that I am now enjoying life with. She did make my birthday special in many ways. Look forward to seeing most of you at camping soon.

Faithfully yours,