Monday, October 20, 2008

A Three Month Vacation is Over

Tomorrow morning I will start a new job! I'm excited about the position and eager to get to work again. My "vacation" since resigning from my previous engineering position in Alabama and starting this job has been full of change. Moving 700 miles, living with a family, enjoying my engagement with John, driving back to Alabama, getting married, enjoying our honeymoon in Washington, settling into a new apartment as a married woman, interviewing a couple paces, finding another apartment, flying down to Alabama, camping and flying back. (Now, that's a long sentence!) I guess all the action is part of the reason I still haven't accomplished too many other huge projects during all these months.

The months have sped past, and now I have another new beginning. It's been over six years since I started a job at a new company. This will be the 4th business I've worked at, but only the 2nd one since graduation. I start this job with the anticipation of learning a lot and the hope that I will be an asset to the company and an encouragement to the people that I will get to know.


Anna Naomi said...

So, which of the Paces have you been interviewing? A couple of them, huh? ;-) You know I'm joking! I think you meant places. I mess up words all the time by leaving letters out by accident, and spell check doesn't catch them because they're still right words!

Hope your new job goes well for you!

PoetLady said...

Been thinking of you today, I hope your first day went great!:)

Your older sister,

Miriam said...

Thanks for the comments! The first day went well. Unfortunately, my computer has not come in yet (it was ordered today!), so I spent time meeting people and then checking drawings - not exactly my favorite thing to do. But it wasn't too bad. It's better to check someone elses drawings than your own!

Anna - I suppose I could say that I've interviewed Rob and Trisha Pace :) At least we did talk recently at the camping trip which was fun! Somehow my brain doesn't tend to catch things like that very well-Thanks for letting me know about it, but I think I'll leave it messed up for fun!

Rob said...

We'd have hired her in a heartbeat! But the pay would have been pretty lousy and the commute completely un-approved of by Mr. Rajan (even considering the new Turbo CD player.)

Miriam said...

Even I would have thought an 11 hour commute was a little long - I bet I could listen to all of Dave Ramsey's classes each day! The drive was actually really nice today!

Mrs. Lady Sofia said...

What is the title of your new job? It's always a little nerve-racking starting a new job. I'm glad that you do well in the business world, for that's NOT where I excell at all. I've never been too career minded.

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying your new life (as a wife) and that it's not too stressful for you (smiles).

Miriam said...

My title is design engineer. So far, my days are busier, but not stressful :)