Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob!

I hope you had a wonderful 40th Birthday Rob!
Trisha threw a surprise birthday party last weekend!
Rob had no idea about the Birthday plans! When his girls put on his hat and he begin to realize this was for his birthday, he looked at his watch to check the date (since it was a week early)!
We had to pull Rob away from an involved game of volley ball. It was hard to do as Rob didn't see the need for a break!
Rob enjoys games and is someone you would always want on your team!
He makes the games fun. It's intense!

Rarely, Rob will miss the Frisbee.

But more often than not, if you're looking for Rob, just look for the action!
What a catch! (Note- you know he's thinking hard, when he's got his tongue stuck out!)
This is a great picture - Rob's got it!

Rob and his family have made camping so much fun over the years! Thanks for camping and I hope you have another wonderful year!

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Rob said...

Thank you for the fun birthday post. John, the pictures are great except for the guy with the beard and the weird hats in them! Camping was and is a lot of fun. And I do enjoy the group sporting events immensely. I do not know how to play without intensity. If there was one superficial thing I could change about myself it would be to keep my tongue fully consealed inside my head. Thanks again.