Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Pictures: The Kids

Weddings are a lot of fun when you have cute kids in them! Having children in your wedding gives everyone the chance to have the unexpected happen. While it might have been funny to have something go wrong, I was thankful to have such cute well-behaved children (my nieces Sara and Lisa Beth and nephew Zach).

They did their assigned tasks beautifully!

Soon I hope to finish posting these staged photos and begin to post pictures from the actual ceremony itself. It's going to be fun to tell the story of the wedding with pictures. Anna's done a great job telling the story on her blog Maidens of Worth. Mine may take several posts and a little more time.

I've had a busy (and fun) day. It started with an hour or so at the DMV waiting in line and then taking (and passing!) the written test in order to get an Ohio drivers license. I've now changed my name on my license and will be able to fly down in a couple weeks for camping with no problem. Yes, we are going camping with the group in Alabama. I just didn't want to pass it up!

After getting my license, I started to create a wedding album using shutterfly online. It's been a lot of fun. Many thanks to Maria for creating a shutterfly book with our dating pictures. I don't think I would have seriously thought about making a wedding album otherwise. So far I've arranged 28 pages with just the posed pictures before the ceremony! It's going to be a long book-but it will be worth it.

Now I need to end this post since I'm supposed to leave in 8 minutes to play soccer with John and some people from his work. It's a bit chilly outside (in the 50's!) so I need to find some warmer clothes to wear.

I have a second interview at the first place I interviewed (in Hayesville) tomorrow at 10AM. Please pray that I would get this job if it is God's will.


Chelsea said...

Yeah! That is so neat how we both enjoy photography! I didn't even know that the blog I had been going to was your sisters! I really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures too. :) See you Sunday! (hopefully) :)


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog:) Your wedding was so beautiful:) Have a blessed weekend.

Luke and Michele said...

I just love all of Zach's expressions. The first one of him is so cute! Yes, I'm biased!


Karen said...

Yes, the kids are cuties and they did a great job! THat book with shutterfly is a great idea!

So are you getting settled in ok in ohio? Are you getting antsy for a job or are you enjoying the time off?Sounds like you are making good use of this time to do things like your license,etc,etc..Which weekend are you coming to AL?

Thanks for the opportunity to take pics at your wedding. Hope you have a good day!!

Miriam said...

Chelsea - we missed you at church on Sunday. I hope all is well.

Jennifer - thanks for visiting and posting a comment!

Michele - he does have a cute expression! It was so much fun to have him and the girls in the wedding!

Karen - I'll be in Alabama October 17-19th. We're camping at Fort Toulouse just like last time. Do you think you might be able to come? I would love to see you there! I hope to have my photo album with me then if it comes in time. Thanks so much for taking so many pictures-I was able to use so many great pictures in the book!