Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Job!

I have a new job! Thanks for your prayers for me to find a job! The job is in Hayesville and I plan to start on Tuesday, October 21st. We decided to wait until after the camping trip to start. I'm excited about the position. It seems like a similar environment to my previous position. I'll be able to use Solidworks and do design and different types of projects in a small-company atmosphere.

Now, I ask that you would pray that we find the right place to live. I've called several places today and this evening we're planning to look at four places (one apartment, a duplex, a house in town and another in the country). These places are all somewhere between the towns we work in. I'm hoping that we will find something this week so I can start packing! Having lived in four different houses in the last few months, I'm ready to move for the last time in a while.


Ron said...

Congrats on the job! I told Ron someone was FINALLY smart enough to hire my sister and he said he'd hate to see someone try to mess with you when I'm around (long story)

So you're looking to rent maybe a house?

It will be a little fun though, new place:)

I didn't realize Ron was logged in so this is Maria even though it looks like Ron.

Your sis,

Luke and Michele said...

That will be so fun to look at places to live tonight!

Elijah Lofgren said...

Congratulations on the job! I hope you enjoy it.

I'm praying you'll find the right place to live.

Karen said...

Congratulations on the job!!!! As far as FOrt TOulouse...I am atually going to be in PA that weekend, for a wedding of one of my cousins on my dad's side and also an anniversary celebration for my grandparents(mom's parents). If I was around though, it would have been cool to come over Sat for a while if my schedule would have worked out. Maybe next time you are in AL!!!! Have a great time camping!!!

Jody said...

Congrats on the new job! The wedding pictures have been fun to look at - been meaning to send you a comment about them. Beautiful day!

I tagged you today for some fun. Stop by my blog if you'd like.