Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Moving Update

We are actually NOT moving this Saturday. Our apartment wasn't quite ready, so we had to postpone our move date until next weekend. The guy cleaning it up and doing minor maintenance has a few things left to do. Hopefully everything will be ready next Saturday!

This week has gone quickly. I did get my computer at work on Monday! And I've enjoyed doing a little drawing now with both solidworks and an AutoCAD like program that came with it called DWGeditor (you can download a free 30 day trial version of DWGeditor here - it's perfect if you want to try out a 2D drafting program).

The drive has flown by as I finished listening to the audio book "In His Steps." I downloaded it free from a couple months ago. If you sign up, they give out one free book each month, and I've enjoyed the books.

This Saturday John is at a church men's breakfast and then we plan to drive to Columbus to do a little shopping. I do have a little bit more packing to do and some other things as well this morning.

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