Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend Guests

From 2008-11-Weekend Guests

Since we are now in a larger apartment, we decided that it was past time for us to invite some people over. So, this past Friday we had a houseful of guests!

We invited a great family with 8 kids over. They were very gracious and played with the few toys we had.

I think they considered our piano to be the very best toy!

Of course John enjoyed taking pictures.

We played the name game which was a big hit!

Overall the evening was a success. We successfully made enough food and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

As the house was already clean, we had some other church friends over for a Sunday lunch of spaghetti.

Dan and Barb have a cute little baby girl whom we all enjoyed holding.

After lunch we had time to talk a while. It was so nice to spend time with our friends in our new apartment!

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i'm beccy. said...

Always hospitable! :o)! I love that you invite everyone over - I do the same thing. You are the best.