Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving Weekend!

We are now settled in our new apartment! We moved on Saturday, which was actually one of the worst weather days for moving. It was cold and raining the entire day! But, thankfully we had a lot of people helping us. Scott had a trailer that he uses for snow mobiles which fit all of our furniture and boxes! Scott and Bob (his father-in-law) got to our apartment about 8:30 and begin getting set up. Bob quickly took apart our bed and disconnected the washer and dryer. By the time we were ready to begin packing, two more families arrived. With the boys carrying boxes and the older guys carrying all the furniture, we soon (in less than an hour) had everything loaded in the trailer.

The unloading went very fast - within another hour, everything had been unloaded and located in the correct rooms!

The second stage would soon begin. They guys left and Scott's wife and daughter (Rhonda and Taylin) soon arrived to begin the unpacking and organizing phase. I would never have thought it possible, but in 3 hours the kitchen and living room had been unpacked and after another couple hours, the upstairs was done as well! I thought unpacking would take me at least a week. What a blessing to have their amazing help! We were exhausted by the days end, but were totally settled and comfortable in our new place.

I have a lot of pictures to add to this post, so check back tonight or tomorrow for the picture version! We have a few things to buy tonight - hopefully a shelf for the kitchen and some curtains for the other rooms. Eventualy we'll start hanging pictures and unpacking the last couple random item boxes. We have a little ways to go, but already feel at home here in our new place!

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