Monday, November 10, 2008

The Plane is Done!

Last week as I cut up pears for the sauce, John finished the plane!

It was a fun gift - just the thing for an airplane loving engineer :)

John's classic picture!


Victoria said...

Well done, our new son John !

I don't know if Miriam ever shared with you how she and her younger siblings would sort all of our legos first by colors, and then each one would get a turn to pick some, as I recall.

It is so special to see all of "y'alls," young folks, find the niche God has planned for each of you from The Foundation of the world !

Praise Elohim, our Wonderful Creator !

Love, Mom (Lofgren)

PoetLady said...

Gonna display it somewhere?:)

I love that you found a plane photo from Childhood. Since when are we old enough to be called classics though?!

A 30 year young, thank you very much
Maria LOL

Luke and Michele said...

That is so cool! I'll have to show the boys. They enjoy playing with legos a lot.

Anonymous said...

it looks very nice.

Miriam said...

I'm sure we'll display it somewhere in our place - not sure where yet. So far it's been living on the kitchen counter, but that's not going to work long term :)

Well, I think anyone who makes a same expression that they made as a kid - you know one that defines them - is making their own classic expression. Don't we all have one or more!

I hope the boys like the lego pictures Michele. If the enjoy legos now, it may be they will enjoy them for a lifetime.

Glad you like it Suri!