Friday, February 13, 2009

First Visit from Family

It's been some time since I've updated this blog. Somehow the days keep slipping away. The outside world no longer has its layer of snow as the temperatures reached the 50s last weekend and melted it all away.

This past weekend my parents and sister were able to come for their first visit to see us in Ohio. After a short night of rest due to getting here really late on Saturday night, we had a "sibling-breakfast type" breakfast. Of course we were missing five of my siblings (and John's three siblings as well)! Then we were off to church.

Some church friends invited us all over for dinner after church which was really nice! My family enjoyed the opportunity to get more acquainted with some of our Ohio church family.

That day quickly passed and on Monday John and I had to be at work so my family took the opportunity to visit our workplaces and see the products being manufactured.

We enjoyed a quick supper of chicken curry which I had made and frozen some time ago.

I received this bowl with side containers as a wedding gift and have found that it's perfect for all the curry fixings.

After dinner we had some fun learning a new card game from Jubilee, playing ping pong and . . .

having John show off his speakers with some good classical music!

Soon the night was getting late and we had to head to bed. It was a nice visit!


Victoria said...

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful visit!
The food was delicious and we so much enjoyed getting to know your church family and to hear so much Scripture in the sermon and recited by each Sonday School class and evening teen group. PRAISE The LORD ! "Heaven & earth WILL pass away, but (Jesus said) My Words will NEVER pass away !" "Packaging" airplane engines will never sound 'simple' to me again :) ! I am glad you like the blue jacket I was holding up to give you. I didn't know you were taking a picture ! Love you both so much, Mom L.

Jody said...

We missed Jubilee at rehearsal last week but I know she had a good time visiting you both!