Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Years with Miriam's Family

After Christmas, we went down to Alabama to visit my family. When we got there, John immediately got out his camera to record our normal family life.

Jubilee was busy reading a book (but John caught a picture of her by surprise)!

Anna was busy making pasties (a family favorite)!

Lydia was helping out and hanging out with everyone.

As soon as the pasties were in the oven (shown cooked here), there was enough time for a game.

We begin with take-2 - a great, much faster alternative game to play with your scrabble pieces. John enjoys the game though he has had to learn a little humility as the girls typically with fast games like this.
(What are they looking at?)

Soon the game was over and it was time for some supper!

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Anna Naomi said...

Lofgren home life - exposed! Just kidding. =) It was fun to see the pictures and it brought back happy memories.