Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Walk

Saturday mornings are wonderful! Often we get a lot of extra sleep (like last Saturday when we were asleep until almost 11!). Today we did sleep in until almost 9, but then it was time to move. I have a brand new awesome pedometer that John gave me for Christmas. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks and love it. As I enjoy exercise that gives me constant feedback, wearing a pedometer is my favorite way to encourage myself to move. So, as I'm endeavoring to get 10,000 steps a day 6 days a week, I was eager to get up and run outside.

It has been warmer here (up in the 50s for a couple days), but this morning as I got ready to go, the temperature was 21 and "felt like 9." So, I added my coat to my clothes and decided to walk fast instead of jogging (it's annoying to run with a coat on). John told me he wanted to sleep longer and that he felt it was too cold to walk outside so I headed over to check out a path I've seen near our house.

To my surprise, as I drew near to the path about a mile from our house, I saw John crossing the street in front of me! He had planned to get in front of me and take a picture without me knowing he was there - come back here and post it on my blog while I walked! Boy would I have been shocked!

But as he was spotted, he decided to walk some with me. That path was short - just to a park and then it joined a street. So, we enjoyed a nice walk through a park and some neighborhoods.
I'm looking forward to weather that's above freezing in the mornings so I can more fully enjoy the outdoors. We have a wonderful trail only a mile away that would be perfect for running and walking. We are also next to a track that I could use if I want to see how fast I can run. I'm enjoying getting back into running once again. It's been eight months since I was consistent in exercising and a few pounds have been creeping onto my frame.

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