Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day

This article about Valentine's Day is written by Miriam's Valentine :-)

Most of the Valentine's Days that have come and gone have meant very little to me. At least compared to the last two Valentine's Days. Valentine's Day 2008 was certainly special. I visited then my girlfriend, Miriam, and we both attended a church Valentine's party hosted by some very close friends of Miriam's. The atmosphere of that event was very nice, the food was excellent, and there was much fun in fellowship.

This Valentine's Day was the most special yet, being now married. I knew Miriam was up to something in getting me a gift. So I knew had to give a gift too. So what do you give Miriam as a gift when it is Valentines Day? Any guesses? Well, there is only one answer -- chocolate!
I thought about those big heart shaped chocolate boxes. So running to the Valentines section in Wal-Mart, I found a good selection. I bought the biggest box this year. I might not buy this big all the time, but certainly this is a special time of life - being newly married - so only the best and biggest would do. I enjoyed presenting the suprise to Miriam when I got home!
Miriam and chocolate -- the two go together!

Look at all of that chocolate!! Dark chocolate for Miriam, and lighter chocolate for John. John and Miriam at a recent church Valentine's banquet. We hosted a session of the
Not-So-Newlywed game that Miriam's church did at their banquet last year. It was a hit!


Natalie said...

Taking hints from our last Valentines? That's great! So glad you enjoyed your first Valentines together! Our banquet this year was awesome I have some pictures, but dont have the password to post them on the church website yet. Maybe I can do that soon so yall can see it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing the shirt I gave you in the first picture? It looks very good on you. ;)

Miriam said...

Natalie - we did get the idea from last year and even used many of the same questions. It was a lot of fun and the couples we picked on seemed to enjoy the game a lot. One family said it provided about 2 days of conversations for them!

I'm going to email the info so you can post the pictures on the website. I'm sure you all had an awesome banquet and look forward to seeing your pictures!

Lisa- it is the shirt you gave me for Christmas. I have enjoyed wearing it! Thanks again!