Thursday, February 26, 2009

John's Gator Bowl (or Football Miriam's Style)

I did not grow up in a football family. The closest I ever came to watching football was the occasional youth group Super Bowl parties. I think I remember playing games in another room during the ones that I went to in high school.

So having a husband who not only likes the game, but knows the teams and watches certain favorite ones whenever he can is something unfamiliar to me. Of course we are not inundated with football since we don't get any tv, but there is plenty of statistics and highlights on websites that I have never felt the need to visit.
So, when we ended up being at my parents house on the day of the Gator Bowl, we found that they did not get the right channel. Never fear! We quickly made a call and were on our way to visit our friends!

The weather was perfect!

We enjoyed spending some time outside.

The zip line was loads of fun!

Kevin even showed us some tricks!

What fun we had!

Zip lines can even be ridden in a very dainty way :)

The dog was being crazy poking his nose into the ground. We weren't sure why.

The kids had a blast climbing all over John. This is one of my favorite pictures that day!

There was plenty of food.

And enough smiles to go around . . .

with some funny faces thrown in for good measure

Now you may ask . . . Did anyone actually watch football?

Indeed! John actually did watch most of the game. I even watched the last few minutes as well. If I remember correctly, those last few minutes were more exciting than the rest of the game.

All in all it was a fun day. John enjoyed the football and friends and I enjoyed the fun with friends!


Anna Naomi said...

Great pictures! Those Morton children are cute. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Elijah Lofgren said...

Hi Miriam,

Thanks for sharing these pictures! I especially enjoyed the one of John and the Mortons. :)

Have a great weekend!

- Elijah

theresab82 said...

Its too bad you don't live near us; Ben and John could watch football together and we could do something else. We had our families over this year and "the girls" sat around and talked for two hours. If you ever want to watch football just come on over.I am sure that ben has enough statistics for all of us ;)

Miriam said...

They sure are cute! John and I had a lot of fun at their house.

Theresa, It is too bad we're not closer. I'm sure we would enjoy hanging out while the guys watched the game. I have watched a couple games with John. I don't necessarily dislike football, I'm just not into it like he is.